fo-ra [fawr-uh, fohr-uh]
"The marketplace or public square of an ancient 
Roman city, the center of judicial and business affairs 
and a place of assembly for the people".

Project FORA is derived from the plural form of the word forum. Project FORA is a full service architecture firm that produces work within a collaborative environment. We develop each project with the equal participation of all members of the team, creating a forum where all ideas can be shared and explored.

 Project FORA cultivates an open environment where ideas are welcome from everyone. This horizontal strategy inspires the team toward the goal of creating great architecture projects. This ego free environment establishes the foundation for superior design that is thoroughly committed to developing the best response to the clients needs. 

Project FORA strives to create a team atmosphere from within as well as with its clients and collaborators. By building cooperative bonds with the team members on each project communication is strong and efficient. With everyone on the same page the process moves more swiftly and the results are great architecture and experiences.