Monday, June 13, 2016

Max Brandon Eco Park Signage

Time to share an update of a project that was nine months in the making with a year of planning prior to that! I was part of a ad hoc committee to develop the design for 8 new educational and wayfinding signs for Max Brandon Park in Flint, Michigan. 

As a follow up to my previous post about what an architect does, I thought to share the images of the finished signage, because this is a result of not only what an architect also does, but a artist, designer, conservationist, parks director, two planners, citizens, neighborhood activists, and city officials do to move Flint Forward. 

I was one of many loyal and dedicated committee members that participated to make this project happen. It was a great experience to collaborate with so many from across the city. This project is a perfect example of what tremendous talent is still here in Flint, despite what the media leads people to believe. I am proud of the finished product, and the community is equally proud to have a equal voice in the direction of the new signs. 

Credit to Ben Gaydos, Assistant Professor at UM - Flint Art Department for spearheading this project with his students of the D&SIGN Studio. 

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