Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Mott Park Recreation Area Vision

The City of Flint, according to research conducted for the 2013 Imagine Flint Master Plan states that the City of Flint was developed to provide public open space ranging from neighborhood playground to large city park within ¼ mile radius to residential areas. This is half the distance of the recommended National Parks guidelines of ½ mile. (A very good thing!)

The site of the former Mott Golf Course is one of many public open spaces that exist in today’s urban landscape of Flint, Michigan. According to Director of Parks, Adam Moore, this amount of open space is untenable with the current millage and tax base, therefore the City is welcoming community partners to adopt parks and provide maintenance and planning assistance. A group of neighbors that live around the former golf course site have banded together to take up the challenge of the 78 acre site. They have formed and established a 501c3 named the Mott Park Recreation Area (MPRA), their mission is to maintain this beautiful public urban space as a naturalized recreation area for the community to enjoy in perpetuity.

The board of the MPRA, with President, Tom Saxton, have dedicated their efforts toward development of a vision plan that identifies short, medium, and long term implementation strategies for the site.

Kurt Neiswender, AIA, was initially engaged with the MPRA to begin the development of the visual master vision plan to transform the former golf course in December 2014. Since the project began Kurt has held numerous charrettes to collaboratively sketch out the variety of possibilities, as well as identify the phasing implementation plan.

Right now the former golf course is being mowed to avoid it become another eyesore of abandoned land. This is the perfect time to set the bar for future urban development in Flint. The momentum of the group is strong and they are a passionate group of local community members with the desire to transform a well known public urban space.

Base Map Conditions

Preliminary Phase Plans

Existing Conditions

Phase I Concept

Phase II Concept

Phase III Concept

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