Thursday, October 15, 2015

Arts Tech Biz Mash-Up Conference

Project FORA was invited by the University of Michigan Flint to present at the ARTS / TECH / BIZ Mash-Up Conference which was held in July 2015. The conference focus was on emerging entrepreneurial talent that merged aspects of artistic endeavors, technology, and/or creative business models. Project FORA was again honored to be invited to talk to Flint based faculty, staff, students, and local community members about the core tenets of what we are all about.

What was added to this conversation was something new. Project FORA Founder, Kurt Neiswender, has expanded from not just pro bono practice, but into the realm of social entrepreneurship. In addition to Project FORA, Kurt has developed a L3C entity named Urban coLAB Architecture. An L3C business structure is short for Low-Profit Limited Liability Company, and is considered a hybrid of nonprofit, community focused practice, and a traditional LLC, for profit business structure.

The Urban coLAB Architecture L3C can benefit from the best of both models. By the way, Michigan is leading the charge with having the most approved L3C's. To learn more about the L3C structure please visit this link.

Moving past the business model to what it means for Project FORA, is that we can offer more services to the community with the two companies working collaboratively. Look for more exciting actions to come from both Project FORA and Urban coLAB Architecture.

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