Saturday, January 24, 2015


In the summer of 2014 Executive Director of Project FORA, Kurt Neiswender, was invited to speak on a panel discussion held by the Flint Public Art Project. It was an excellent discussion surrounding the topics of community, neighborhood, safety, and public awareness.

Representing Project FORA, Kurt Neiswender spoke to the importance of the intersection and interaction between humans and the built environment.

Additionally, Project FORA provided design consulting services for the art installation work that served as the stage for the event.

In The Weeds is a landscape installation by Missy Ablin + Allen Gillers and public conversation on the grounds of Spencer's Art House. Through playful use of form, color and optical patterning, the installation offers the potential to look anew at the whimsy and beauty that grows admits the weeds. In The Weeds hosts a panel discussion between academics, designers, and representatives from local government, law enforcement, and community organizations for a public conversation about community oriented art and design practices, and the publics these practices engage.

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